Leasing & Rental Programs

Network Equipment Leasing & Rental Programs

Find powerful IT Solutions without a Distressing initial Investment

If you’re looking for a way to Power-Up IT capabilities without making a long-term commitment, leasing or renting may be your best option. Softnetworks offers both a leasing and a rental program to ensure that you find the right choice for your network needs. Each program presents specialized opportunities for those looking for the perfect business solutions.

The Softnetworks Leasing Program…

  • Suggests ways to attain the IT assets that you need now without the usual upfront investments involved in purchasing enterprise solutions.

  • Expands and augments IT capabilities as the needs of your business change.

  • Allows for our team to structure flexible lease solutions for you that cover new and certified pre-owned equipment.

  • Helps to bundle financial solutions – you can now receive bundles consisting of hardware, software, and services.

The Softnetworks Rental Program…

  • Provides customized rental plans for each customer based on their unique technology requirements and budget. This ensures that every customer will be presented with the ideal fit for their business, company, or personal needs.

  • Offers short term rentals for situations like data center moves, bridge equipment needs, proof of concepts, and data recovery.

  • Includes detailed configuration data and technical documentation, including 1 month, 2-3 month, and up to 6 months rental rates. Additionally, it will include full purchase or buy-out options.

  • With our huge inventory of world-class brands, Softnetworks offers solutions to fit any business needs, and since we don’t focus solely on one manufacturer, we can help you choose the IT assets that best meet your expectations.

    Should you feel that leasing or renting your equipment is the right move for you, our programs will fully immerse you in everything that you need to expand upon and improve your IT capabilities.

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